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Davis, California, Real Estate Expert Joseph Whitcombe

Joseph Whitcombe, our managing broker and REALTOR®, personally oversees the representation of every client.  Joseph is an independent real estate broker, experienced attorney and top-quartile graduate of U.C. Davis School of Law, a lifelong participant in the Davis real estate business, and an economics graduate of UCLA.

In the real estate business, knowledge of the community, neighborhoods and local history is extremely important.  Indeed, if there is one piece of advice we can offer in connection with your Davis real estate transaction, it would be this: Choose an agent who grew-up in Davis.

In terms of understanding the nature of each neighborhood, and being able to apply this knowledge to help clients find the home of their dreams, there is simply no substitute for a lifetime in the community.  The exploration of youth, riding a bike around the parks and paths of town, attending the public schools, and getting to know families all over town, all of these things contribute to a knowledge that cannot easily be taught to a "transplanted" agent.

At Whitcombe & Co., we feel that in this respect, we are generations ahead of the competition.  Three generations, to be exact...

The Whitcombe family's history in Davis began in 1934, when Harry J. Whitcombe moved to Davis to begin his career as a beekeeper.  Joseph's paternal grandmother, Marie, also arrived in Davis in 1934 to attend UCD.  When she met Harry, Marie was the gardens editor for Sunset Magazine, one of the first women in the United States to hold such a high-profile editorial position.

Harry, an outspoken person by nature, ran-for and was elected to the Davis City Council in 1955.  During World War II, Harry headed a successful program in conjunction with UCD to use active pollination to increase crop yields.  Harry was later appointed to be the Davis Police Commissioner.

Harry and Marie married in 1935, and soon had three children, John, Nancy, and Kenny.  In 1952, Harry and Marie built their home on Oak Avenue, then the "edge of town," and built the first privately-owned swimming pool in Davis.

Harry, Marie, and little John Whitcombe, beekeeping in Davis in 1944, as pictured in the Saturday Evening Post.

John, Judy, Joseph, and Sandy Whitcombe pose for a 1976 Davis City Council Campaign picture in Covell Park.  

Joseph's father, John Whitcombe, returned to Davis after attending graduate school in Boston, and started a custom home building business.  In the 1970s, John was a pioneer in the solar energy field, and ran for the Davis City Council in 1976.  Today, John works with various Davis residents, including former Davis mayor and renowned land planner Mike Corbett, to bring sustainable eco-friendly development projects to the Davis community.  

Joseph's mother, Judy Whitcombe, has been active in local conservationist efforts, as a member of the board of directors of the Yolo Audubon Society, and in her role as the longest standing member of the Steering Committee of California Duck Days, a regional wildlife education festival.

As you might have guessed by now, for Joseph, knowledge of the Davis community in general, and the real estate profession in particular, was learned as a part of everyday experience.

Joseph has been involved in the real estate business for most of his life.  From working as a carpenter as a teenager (and younger, see picture), to work for his family's real estate development and property management company Tandem Properties, Inc., to participating in planning some of the most important projects now being considered by the Davis community, to providing professional brokerage and legal services to select home buyers and sellers, Joseph's journey continues to this day.

Joseph graduated from UCLA in 1993 with a B.A. in Economics, and returned to Davis where he worked on several local political campaigns, and participated in his family's real estate management and development business.  Joseph then entered the study of law at McGeorge School of Law in 1995.

Little Joseph practicing his carpentry skills at his home in Central Davis, 1972.

Joseph going over documents in preparation for a court hearing, 1999.


After finishing his first year of law school as a member of the Dean's Honor Roll, the University of California at Davis School of Law admitted Joseph as a transfer student.  At UCD Law, Joseph was a top quartile student and member of the UCD Law Review.  During the Summer of 1996, Joseph studied Constitutional Law under United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Joseph's status as an experienced practicing attorney at law obviously represents a valuable complement to his real estate brokerage services.  Before devoting his full time to the residential real estate brokerage profession, Joseph practiced real estate law and civil litigation in California state and federal courts for more than five years.  Joseph continues to provide legal consulting and support services on an occasional basis.

The bottom line is this:  When you hire Whitcombe & Co., you not only get a real estate agent, but also an attorney and a consultant with exceptional knowledge of the Davis real estate market, all without paying one penny more than you would for a garden-variety real estate agent.  Perhaps more importantly, you also get a representative with a degree of insight into the Davis community that comes only through generations of community involvement, and a deep and personal understanding of what each neighborhood has to offer.

At Whitcombe & Co., our motto is "Independence Makes All The Difference," and we believe it.  We feel that our fierce loyalty to our customers and superior personal and professional experience make a real difference for our clients in every single transaction.  Before you hire a real estate agent, invest a little time talking to Whitcombe & Co., and experience the difference for yourself.

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